pierre laszlo

Activities September October 2011

Wednesday September 28
Rodez-Paris vol AF 5682 dép 10:10 ar 11:25

Thursday September 29 and Friday September 30

stay at hotel of Ecole polytechnique, Palaiseau; conference at Ecole polytechnique Palaiseau, amphithéâtre Sauvy 09:00 / opening lecture «Portrait de deux polytechniciens»

Saturday October 1st-Tuesday October 4
stay at Hotel Amiral Best Western, 94 avenue d’Italie, Paris.

Monday October 3rd
14:00-16:00    attendance of Alexander Moatti’s doctoral examination, dissertation on the scientific biography of Coriolis; Ministère de l’Enseignement et de la Recherche, rue de la Montagne Ste Geneviève, Paris; Stourdzé lecture theater. 

Tuesday October 4
Paris-Grenoble dep 11:38 ar 14:33
stay in Grenoble at Hotel d’Angleterre, 5 Place Victor Hugo, tél 04 76 87 37 21.

Wednesday October 5 and Thursday October 6
participating, at the University Pierre Mendès-France  in a conference on time ; talk on the topic «Figuration of Time in some sixteenth-century alchemical emblems».

Friday October 7th
work at Archives départementales de l’Isère: seeking information on the childhood and schoolyears of Léonce Bert, in Auris-en-Oisans.

weekend of October 8 & 9
Grenoble-Lyon: TER dép 10:46 ar 11:12
stay in Lyon: visit to personal friends.

Monday October 10
Lyon-Nîmes dép 13:37 ar Nîmes 14:57
Nîmes-Alès dép 15:20 ar 16:10

visit and lecture on «Drôle de chimie» at Ecole des Mines d’Alès and book signing.

Tuesday October 11th
Alès-Nîmes par autocar dép 11:31 ar 12:31
dép Nimes le 11/10 14:57 ar Lyon Part-Dieu à 16:20.

Wednesday October 12th
18:30-20:00: lecture in Lyon at the Part-Dieu municipal library, «Drôle de chimie»; contact: Jean-Baptiste Corbier.

Thursday October 13
Lyon-Toulouse dép 09:37 ar 13:57
stay at Toulouse-Labège

Friday October 14
two addresses to junior high-school pupils at the Lycée Pierre Paul Riquet in Toulouse ; 8:00-9:30 & 10:30 - 12:00 on the theme: «Quelle énergie pour demain?» (What kind of energy for tomorrow?)

Saturday October 15
15:30 lecture on «Natural Products» at the Scientilivre Festival in Toulouse.

Sunday October 16
Toulouse-Paris IDTGV dép 17:34 ar 23:05
stay in Paris: Hotel Campanile Maine-Montparnasse, 146 avenue du Maine 75014 Paris.

Monday October 17
17:00 meeting of the board of directors of Sabix, 33, rue Saint-Guillaume, 75006 Paris.

Tuesday October 18

Wednesday October 19
09:30-11:00 meeting with Benoît Giros actor and film-maker to discuss his project of a documentary movie on the structure of matter.

Tuesday October 25
Paris-Bergen via Oslo
dep 11:10-13:30 / 14:45-15:35

October 27-28
participation in the conference at the University of Bergen on scientific poetry. Lecture on «The Song of Styrene» by Raymond Queneau, accompanying the 1957 documentary film by Alain Resnais.

Thursday November 3rd
Trondheim-Paris via Oslo
dep 09:20-10:15 / 10:55-13:15