pierre laszlo

Science sommunication, a workshop

This workshop is meant mainly for scientists, having some experience already addressing the public through media channels and wishing to further hone their skills. The didactic format ensures nevertheless that a novice will learn quite a bit for future use. The interactions, between the participants and the instructor, and among the participants, are an important component. Accordingly the number of attendees will be limited to 24, on a first-come, first-served basis, and in return for a written commitmentto attend in full the whole session.
Classes will be held for one week Monday through Friday 9-12. The afternoons will be devoted, from 1 :30 to 4 :30, to supervised exercises. There will be three invited lectures during the week, at the end of selected days.

Topics to be discussed will be taken from the following :

  1. science journalism and science writing
  2. turning science into narrative
  3. organizing a narrative
  4. devising a title
  5. the hook
  6. thought and sentence structure
  7. jargon avoidance
  8. vocabulary
  9. bringing home a concept
  10. coining formulas
  11. figures and captions
  12. editing a text
  13. the essay
  14. the seminar
  15. the research proposal
  16. the poster
  17. speaking in public
  18. the short oral presentation
  19. the public lecture
  20. radio and TV interviews
  21. bridging science and culture
  22. book writing