pierre laszlo

Past Lectures


"Salt. Grain of Life", Food Science (Professor Marion Nestle) colloquium, New York University, October 19  2001.

"Salt: Science and History," University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, October 22 2001.

"The Discovery of Radioactivity: A Case Study in the Enrichment (or Potential Impoverishment) of Science Teaching by History and Philosophy of Science", Sixth IHPST Conference, The International History, Philosophy, and Science Teaching Organization, Thursday November 8 2001, Adam’s Mark Hotel, Denver, Colorado.

"Salt: Science and History", DuPont de Nemours, ChemVets at Chestnut Run, Wilmington, Delaware, January 15,  2002.

"The Great Chemistry Adventure", opening lecture, bi-annual conference of the Portuguese Chemical Society, Aveiro, Portugal, March 25 2002.

"Picture, Ideogram and Alphabet: on a plan in William Lawson’s New Orchard and Garden (1610), Text and Image Conference: England 1500-1750, University of Reading, Early Modern Research Centre, July 11 2002.

"Tournée du livre de science", CCAS (Centres de vacances d’EDF-GDF), Arvieu-Pareloup, August 5, 2002; Ceilhes, August 6, 2002.

Sydney, Australia: August 21, 2002 - "Science as Play, " Department of Chemistry, University of Sydney, co-hosted by Professors John Mackie (Chemistry) and Margaret Sankey (French Studies).

"The French Intellectual Landscape," Department of French, University of New South Wales, hosted by Professor Maurice Blackman, Head of that department.

Wellington, New Zealand: August 25-30, 2002 - one-man advanced workshop on science communication, with 16 participants. The 12 lectures, accompanied by exercises written and oral, autoscopies with a video camera, dealt with, in their actual sequence:

  • "Science communication"
  • "Rhetorics of popularization"
  • "Quality writing"
  • "Image and text"
  • "Front matter"
  • "The slide show"
  • "The magazine article"
  • "The book"
  • "The poster"
  • "Public speech"
  • "Dealing with journalists"
  • "The radio and TV show"

The participants in this workshop were Drs. Carin Burke, Landcare Research, Hamilton; Jill Cainey, NIWA, Wellington; Philip Carter, Environmental science & Research (ESR), Porirua; Seona Casonato, Landcare Research, Auckland ; Isabel Castro, Department of Conservation, Wairoa; Erica Crouch, paleontologist; Judi Cullen, ESR, Auckland; Sally Jo Cunningham, University of Waikato; Werner Friedrich, Industrial Research Limited (IRL), Auckland; Jacqui Horswell, ESR, Porirua; David Kenwright, IRL, Auckland; Margaret Richardson, Forest Research, Rotorua; Johann Schoonees, IRL, Auckland; George Slim, IRL, Lower Hutt; Sally-Anne Turner, Dexcel, Hamilton; Robert Valkenburg, IRL, Auckland.

On September 2nd, 2002, 18 :00-19 :00 "The impact of instrumentation and the Second Chemistry Revolution,"  lecture at Science House, The Royal society of New Zealand.

Hong Kong: September 12, 2002, 14 :30-16 :00 – "Le métier de chercheur," Lycée Français International de Hong Kong.

September 13, 2002, 18 :30-19 :30 - "Pourquoi la mer est-elle bleue?" Médiathèque, Alliance Française, Kowloon branch.

Taipei, Taiwan: September 16, 2002, 9 :00-10 :00 – "Multinuclear magnetic resonance, a survey ;" 16 :00-17 :00 " Why is the sea blue?" Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica (host, Professor Sunney I. Chan , vice-president of Academia Sinica).

Fukuoka, Japan: September 19, 2002, 19 :00-20 :00: "Chemins et savoir du sel"  Institut franco-japonais du Kyushu (host: Mr Hubert Olié, director).

Kyoto, Japan: September 20, 2002, 16 :00-17 :00 : "Multinuclear magnetic resonance: a survey" University of Kyoto (Kyodaï), Institute of Molecular Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering (host: Professor Morishima Isao).

Nagoya, Japan: September 23, 2002, 14 :00-15 :00: "Why is the sea blue?", Museum of science of the city of Nagoya (host: Professor Adachi Mamoru, director).

Sapporo, Japan: September 25, 2002, 17 :00-18 :00 : "Why is the sea blue", University of Hokkaïdo (host: Professor Ohira Tomohiko).

Tokyo, Japan: September 26, 2002, 17 :00-18 :00: "L’instrumentation scientifique et la seconde Révolution chimique », Maison franco-japonaise (host: Professor Pierre Souyri, director).

September 27, 2002, 15 :00-16 :00 : "L’enseignement à l’heure d’Internet" Lycée franco-japonais de Tokyo (host : Mr Charles Gutknecht, director).