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Communicating Science

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Communicating Science to Broader Audiences

Wed, 2007-01-10 18:06 — dnlee5
I recently attended a workshop that touched on the ever important issue - communicating science to the general public. The discussion was intriguing and informative, but I still felt a little hungry for information.

My google searches yielded the discovery of a bonafide conference/workshop about this topic. On April 12-13, 2007, the University of Nebraska-Linclon campus is hosting a conference. I'll be there.

here's the link:

I was gifted a wonderful book entitled "Communicating Science" by Pierre Laszlo. It's divided into three sections: a) communicating with fellow scientists, b) communicating with general audiences, and c) communicating with policy-makers.
I've read the entire book already. If I were still taking classes, I'd love to take a seminar-style class on this topic and use this book.