pierre laszlo

Organic Reactions

Organic Reactions. Simplicity and Logic.

716 pages (March 1996) John Wiley & Son Ltd; ISBN: 0471952788 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.69 x 9.64 x 7.44

Presents lecture notes on organic synthesis, covering theory and actual procedures for synthetic pathways, for students and lecturers. Chapters on aspects of the carbonyl group; selectivity; and synthons offer a two-track format, with chemical formulas and commentary on facing pages. Sections in large type present core material, followed by sections in smaller type covering the impact of chemistry in everyday life, with biographies of important figures in chemistry and biochemistry, and examples of industrial organic chemistry. Written by one of the world's leading researcher and teacher in organic chemistry, this book reveals the world of organic synthesis. Provides readers with a rational treatment of both the theory and implementations of organic synthetic pathways. Provides an insight into the logic and simplicity underpinning synthetic chemistry. Includes detailed biographies and essays devoted to great researchers who have shaped the development of chemistry and biochemistry.