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Botany, which I did study awhile in my youth, holds a continued interest. Plants are remarkable organisms. In writing about them, in these small vignettes I try to combine the scientific and the cultural, the bucolic and the utilitarian, and to convey some of my sense of wonder - in brief to try and emulate some of the eighteenth-century natural historians, with the information now available to us.

1 Terminalia catappa (Combretaceae)
2 Yucca brevifolia (Agavaceae).
3 Castanea sativa (Fagaceae)
4 Hypericum calycinum (Hypericaceae)
5 Triticum dicoccum/dicoccoides (Cyperaceae)
6 Corylus avellana (Betulaceae)
7 Thymus vulgaris (Lamiaceae)
8 Linum usitatissimum (Linaceae)
9 Salix viminalis (Salicaceae)
10 Betula (Betulaceae)
11 Taxus baccata L. (Taxaceae)
12 Hibiscus (Malvaceae)
13 Bougainvillea spectabilis Wild (Nyctaginaceae)
14 Mentha spicata (Lamiaceae)
15 Desmodium gyrans (Fabaceae)
16 Arnica montana (Asteraceae)
17 Trifolium, genus (Fabaceae)
18 Broussonettia papyrifera (Moraceae)
19 Forsythia intermedia (Oleaceae)
20 Muscari neglectum (Hyacinthaceae)
21 Salvia sclarea (Labiaceae)
22 Valeriana montana (Valerianaceae)
23 Gentiana algida (Gentianaceae)
24 Gentiana genus (Gentianaceae)
25 Edelweiss: Leontopodium alpinum (Asteraceae)
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